Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tropical Interior Design

Tropics are something more than the little fishbowls that are filled with fish and posters which might probably be much bored as you are. Tropics are more about the blend of colors and simplicity that would have the soul revitalized. Tropics are also about the feeling of sand between your feet toes and a warm air just blowing through your air. Relaxation is what tropic is into however, there are other elements in the tropical interior design which is mostly left out by people.

It is very sad to get into any of the bars in the United States which are trying to get into the tropical style of interior design seem to fail miserably. At the same time, a restaurant with typical new interior design theme at the end of the street is running fine and provides with a more authentic feel of tropical design. Let us see why we do have this difference. Light and warmth are one of the key elements of the tropical design theme. It is not about the overhead work lamp that is fluorescent. It is all about real and natural light which flows in all the day.During the night the light becomes dim but the light from the firelight from bonfires and torches. You are all day hit by the warm air or breeze and then the cool breeze blows at night from the ocean and then it is tropics you are talking about. If you wish to have a theme of tropical interior design that’s liked by everyone, then fetch a nice large window having installed and temperature being regulated for the building for the day to be warm and cool at the nights.

Using bamboo also gives the feel of tropical theme however it is not pure tropical theme. Bamboo mats and wall coverings on the ceilings and on the floors look to have distinctive qualities that would give the true feel of tropical. If you wish to continue this then, bring little dummy leaves of palm tree and this is where you are into the feel of real tropical design. Bamboo is good however when combined with palm leaves and we are talking of Jamaica. It would not consume much to make people feel a little of tropical theme however, if you would like it to do it right, and then you should have some of its basics. More of natural light in the day time, a little dime light from the firelight at night, and a warm air would give people the feel of tropical, especially with exotic hardwood floors.


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