Monday, 26 October 2009

Sustainable Prefab Home by students at Taliesin West

Sustainable-Prefab-Home-by-students-at-Taliesin-WestMod.fab is an amazing modern prefab house designed by students at Taliesin West, in conjunction with Jennifer Siegal and Victor Sidy. Designed for sustainable living in the desert, this one-bedroom, 600-sq.-ft. house features panelled construction that allows for off-site assembly – a big bonus both economically and environmentally speaking. This prefab house incorporates a variety of innovative eco-friendly features in this “unplugged” design, including low-consumption fixtures, rainwater harvesting technologies, greywater recycling, natural ventilation, solar orientation, and photovoltaics to reduce energy and water use, all to minimize environmental impact while providing a stylish and secure lifestyle. The Mod.fab house is on display on the student-led Taliesin West Desert Shelter Tour until April 25, 2009. Taliesin Mod.fab



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